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Our family business

Sean, Pam and Taylor Smith

Sean, Pam and Taylor Smith

Bohemian artist designer trapped in boring nerdy accountant's life no more...

My passions have always been decorating, cabins and the Colorado Rockies! And at Acorn Lodging in the stunning Colorado Rockies you will find my dream of owning mountain cabins fulfilled.

As a single Mom with two young sons, Sean and Taylor, I found and remodeled two cabins near Pagosa Springs, Colorado about 15 years ago. Decorating and redecorating the cabins is an ongoing labor of love.

Enjoy our family’s handiwork in cool vintage antique furniture, natural aspen log stair railings, hand painted signs, the 9 foot stenciled bear at Alpine Haven (which has a twin at The Ace Hotel in NY) and other custom unique one of kind features at both cabins. At Acorn Cottage, Sean and Taylor planted the two blue Spruce trees in 2001, next to the deck and helped supervise and find the giant boulders and rocks around both cabins. Taylor and his best friend Peter handmade all the shutters for Alpine Haven from my design and then installed them!

Taylor now in his late 20’s does most of the cabin photography, capturing the stunning views, charming interiors and even staying up until the wee early morning hours to capture the “milky way” rising above the treetops.

We hope you can escape urbania to one of our romantic mountain cabins soon!

Happy travels!